Personal Loans from $400 to $40,000+

We specialise in easy personal loans and personal finance from $400 to $40,000+ with payments starting from $30 per week.

Personal loans are often used to pay unexpected bills that come up, but can be used for a wide variety of reasons such as:

  • Car repairs - if your car is broken or needs work to get a warrant of fitness (WOF)
  • House repairs or maintenance
  • Help towards with a holiday, wedding or special event
  • Pay for dental or medical treatment
  • Purchase a computer, car, television, household goods, etc
  • ... (almost) any other reason!

Personal loans lady with money!


To get a personal loan you need an asset such as a car, motor vehicle, house or land to secure the loan with.

If you don't have security yourself, you may be able to ask a friend or family member to provide security for your loan and be your guarantor.



We are fast – personal loans are often approved within a couple of hours and usually on the same day. Cleared cash funds can be put directly into your bank account overnight.

Flexible Payments – personal loan payments start from as little as $30 per week! Just tell us what you can comfortably afford to pay when you complete a personal loan application.

We try and make it easy – we do as much of the hard work ourselves as possible to make it easy to get your personal loan. You complete a personal loan application from the comfort of your own home (in around 10 minutes!) and we'll process it and contact you between 1 and 3 business hours later.




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